Third ride feedback

First two rides went without a hitch so I decided to mount my ant+ adapter a little more permanently on the center support post. I already have an extended cable to get the Suunto Ant+ adapter closer to the unit. I immediately started having connectivity issues with the Kickr. My Tickr HRM was also having issues although that ended up being a week battery. I had to move the Ant+ adapter to the left side of the Kickr by the left leg. No more issues after that. I know this may not necessarily be a Zwift issue but I figured it might help someone else. The feedback from the Kickr seemed to lag just a little bit today. It could also be that I am getting more attuned to riding on the island. Hope this helps. Thanks for the opportunity again. Loving it.

One other thing did occur, my wattage at one point jumped to over 1100. I believe this was caused by the connectivity issue.