Kickr Snap losing power data mid ride

Hi all,

First post on here so bear with me and be kind :slight_smile:

Been using Zwift now for a week or so and been catching the bug, however the trainer I bought for Zwift is giving me somewhat or a headache.

The trainer will stop sending power and speed data via the ant+ connection! The ant+ USB dongle is installed via a USB extension cable so is situated around 3 inches from the flywheel.  When the trainer loses connectivity, my HRM and cadence sensors are still connected and working properly.

When I fire up the Wahoo fitness app on my iPhone 6s, the trainer can be seen via Bluetooth but nothing is displayed under power and speed.

Everything is pointing to a faulty trainer but as it’s brand new I thought best to mention it here in case anyone else has experienced issues previously and could maybe help.


Thanks for reading.


Interesting since I am experiencing the same issue recently with my Kickr. I’ve been riding it on Zwift for about a year. Had some similar issues last year which resolved. Didn’t ride trainer much during summer but now back on. Last two races…mid ride the power dropped to zero, with avatar at standstill. After a minute of sputtering (Peloton long gone), it starting working again for rest of ride. Similar setup, extension cord placing dongle inches from flywheel. Only thing really different is new fan (which I have read can create issues with static interference). 

Are you also connecting other sensors or devices (like garmin watch or head unit)? I will be changing my fan and trying a few rides to see if it resolves.

I am having this issue as well. I find that if I’m not quick enough to get Zwift going and the ANT+ connected, I’m basically buggered as far as getting any power readings from my Kickr until the next day. Sometimes I can get the power going but then after a while it will go to zero and then that’s it. Heart rate and cadence will still work and if you are in ERG mode, you can feel the flywheel lighten up.