Power dropsout during regular ride

For the last few weeks i am able to look at the power and HR during my 1hr ride and every 1-2 minutes the power will drop and my avatar will slow down and everyone around me will pass me and i will take at least 2x the effort for the next 5-10 sec to catch up.  All the other data - HRM ANT+ / Cadence BT  is perfectly synced.  I have a Gen 2 Kickr and latest firmware and calibrated .

My ANT+ receiver is exeded with USB3 cable to within 1 feet of the Kickr

Please provide a solution or a fix on your end till then i dont think Zwift should charge full price for the service



Several folks have commented that their power drops were fixed by pairing the Kickr (both for power and controllable trainer) with the FE-C setting.  I’ve had power drops for months and using the FE-C eliminated mine.  There was a Kickr update in October that made ANT pairing better.  Make sure you have that update on your Kickr. 

Thank you Steve for the recommendation - I will try it and see if it improves