ant+ lost contact

After the first lat today the Kickr lost contact with the ant+ at the end of the first lap and would not come back until after I restarted Zwift, then it was fine for 3 laps.

I too am fighting connection issues with my kickr. Some days it drops every 30 seconds…other days I can ride for several laps with no issues. Not sure what is going on.

I never have issues with TrainerRoad but I use BT so I’m not sure if it’s due to the ant+ connection or the Zwift software

I have been having similar issues a lot lately.

I really hope it can be fixed. Sometimes I simply lose connection and then it comes back, But most often I have the problem where the kickr seems to go into “constant resistance” mode - so I don’t get resistance changes on up and downhills at all.

I have to quit and restart Zwift to get it fixed,

I ride with Trainerroad without problems, and with Veloreality also without problems so I know the connection s fine.