Kick - bad behaviour

(Tim Corso) #1

I have found that if the Kickr loses its ANT+ connection with Zwift then the Kickr can misbehave, where the resistance remains the same no matter what the gradient is on Zwift island.

I use my Kickr in the garage and decided to bring my PC back indoors while I took a short break. I left the PC running Zwift albeit paused when I brought it in. It would have lost ANT+ connection with the Kickr. When I took the PC back out to the garage, and resumed my ride I noticed that the resistance never changed. I tried to unpair the Kickr but no luck. I also tried removing the ANT+ dongle, but that is a very bad thing… If you do this mid ride then you will never be able to resume riding.

I realise it is harsh treatment to move the PC out of range of the Kickr, midway through a ride, but it is interesting that when the PC was back in range the ANT+ comes resumed again without any issues. I was only the Kickr that misbehaved.

(Tim Corso) #2

Hi Dickson, Do you mean the ‘submit a request’ link? Is that how to log a ticket?

The weather is really foul in the UK today, so I was going to use Zwift island to complete the 150 KM Strava challenge for January. That means it had to be done today, but because of the issues above I failed to get it done. I was taking a risk with software that’s beta that I’d never used :slight_smile:

(lilmira koyotes) #3

Try using wahoo fitness on your phone to set the kickr back to sim mode next time it happens, it works for me. Hopefully zwift can fix it down the road, it is a bit annoying when it happens.

(Tim Corso) #4

I submitted a ticket for this as Dickson suggested