Connection issues - Bluetooth (cycling)

I use Zwift 2 weeks and every time I start workout I have connection issues. I have connected Flow Taxc turbo trainer and HRM to laptop, paired in zwift and there is still no connection. Sometimes after 1 minute of disconnection and then adding again devices to laptop it would connect it and I can ride, sometimes I can be 10 mins on turbo and still there is no connection (in bluetooth settings I can see that turbo is paired but not connected, I’m removing device, then adding again, connection, then for a few sec it’s connected then it’s dropped). During longer ride 2-3 hours, connection was dropped about 5 times, it happed also to HRM but mostly it’s turbo.
I updated laptop-got a new one, as my previous was quite old and I thought it will solve the issue but it’s the same. When I was connecting to my mobile, there was no connection issues.
Anyone can help me please? If you need more information I’m happy to answer. It’s just very frustrating I can’t do my training. I got all set up for turbo training and it doesn’t work properly.
Thank you.

Hi @Anna_Lorent

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Laptop bluetooth is not very strong and it has a lot of interference. If your trainer and HR have ANT+ then I would suggest getting a ant+ dongle and a short usb extension cable. You can put your log file in to to see how many connection drops you had.

Thank you @Gerrie_Delport_ODZ ! I’ve heard/read somewhere about dongle ANT+, but was convinced that I don’t need that as I have Bluetooth. Now I know it needs to be Bluetooth Smart, I’ll get a dongle then. I’m not the best in technical issues… :roll_eyes: So I appreciate your advice.
I opened also this program zwiftalizer and yes, it’s handy to see how the program is working from technical side. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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That is why we have so many helpful people on the forum, that are happy to help.

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Don’t comnect the turbo direct to the Bluetooth connections section of Settings on your PC, connect it only through Zwift.

Though as Gerrie has said, ANT+ might be a better bet.

I did that too, removed device in laptop settings, and just opened zwift - but it looks the same ‘connected, no signal’. I ordered ANT+ dongle, should be next week and hopefully it will all work! Thanks!

Make sure it is not paired to anything else like another phone or Garmin connect.

Also pedal while connecting.

I got today ANT+ dongle, connected and it’s perfectly working, signal not dropping, no connection failure info etc. Just when I firstly connected dongle and opened zwift basically I had still the same problem but it looked like dongle was not detected, it turned out driver for dongle wasn’t automatically installed so I had to find driver and install it manually and after that it was all fine. Thank you! :grinning:

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And you said you are not best in technical issues. Good job.

Hope you have many happy rides.


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