Temporary Bluetooth 'No Signal' error Windows 10

A recurrent issue that happens without warning. I am using a new Elite Tuo smart trainer, with Zwift on a brand new laptop PC (it has pretty nippy spec) and mid-way through a ride the signal will suddenly disappear - when I hit A, I get a no signal error. It reconnects automatically only when I let the trainer spin down to a stop - it won’t reconnect if I carry on peddling. I’ve read through all the various articles about checking for Bluetooth interference and am pulling a blank. I turn the bluetooth off on my phone just to remove that as a possible factor. I’ve tried making sure I do a full restart before going on Zwift to hopefully rule out any background processes that may be interfering. The Zwiftaliser for this morning’s dropout is here, but I don’t know how it helps get to the root of the problem. The smart trainer firmware is up-to-date.
Any suggestions please?

do you connect anything else via bluetooth? heart rate monitor or cadence sensor or powermeter? if so does everything drop out or just the trainer? if it is just the trainer then it suggests it is an issue with the trainer not computer/zwift.

The only other device that I would use is my heart meter, which I only use every now and then, I guess I will try using it more regularly to see if both drop out, or whether it is just the trainer. Good thought - thanks Chris!

Do you use a bluetooth dongle or the computer’s built in bluetooth?

if you use a dongle maybe try a usb extension lead to get it as near the trainer as you can

It’s inbuilt to laptop

If your BT HRM drops as well, your symptoms are similar to mine.

No solution I am aware of (and most likely a Zwift “issue”, as it used to work flawlessly in the past.)

Internal Bluetooth is not that strong. I would suggest a separate dongle (ANT+ work best for me).

Bet the dongle as close to the trainer as possible.

Is ANT+ better than bluetooth?

I have tested both and I get solid connection using ANT+. We have two Zwift stations next to each other both on ANT with no issues.

Ant dongle on a good usb extension.

Any device can fail - and neither standard is “strong” or “weak”: it all depends on the standard’s specification, the specific implementation, and the usage setting.

Assuming no failure, both device types should be OK (less the not-so-occasional Zwift issue, that is).

ANT+ is a good option, but BT is on par, and have merits over ANT+ (which may or may not be relevant in this context)

So… does your HRM disconnects?

I find bluetooth to be better for me, I get fewer (if any) dropouts but with ant+ i usually get a few dropouts per ride.

The thing is when bluetooth drops it is often more catastrophic than ANT+, ANT+ will usually reconnect itself when it drops but bluetooth can be a bit harder to re-pair.

A bit like travelling by car or by plane, you get more car crashes but if a plane crashes it is much more serious!