Lost connection multiple times during ride

Hello there,

well, the screenshot below shows today’s massive problem I experienced:

I lost the connection to my Zwift Hub One many times during the workout session. Probably you can see the breaks in the Watt recording. Here’s where the “game” stood still (aka my avatar) although I was pedalling. That was especially annoying throughout the drills and in the 3 warm up exercises, as all resistance was gone from one moment to the next.

I also never have been able to connect my Garmin HRM-Pro to Zwift. It gets always recognized in the setup when I start Zwift but as you can see from the red lines, gets lost for longer amounts of times.

So here’s my equipment:

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Windows 10 laptop (I do not additionally use Windows’ system default bluetooth connection to additionally connect the smart trainer)
  • Zwift Hub One (the one with only one cog and the clicker)

I would appreciate any help, for example if an external USB dongle eventually would help (don’t want to buy anything just to find out, that it doesn’t help).

Oh, and by the way, I had the HRM problems already before, but the drops in connecting for the smart trainer appeared the first time today. Did other rides and workouts that worked perfectly fine.

Thank you a lot for your kind help!

I found that this helped a lot, the internal bluetooth just wasnt strong enough to hold a consistent connection. YMMV


thanks a lot for your feedback @Mike_Rowe1 - I’ll ordered one (luckily those are not extremely expensive). Hopefully it arrives before the next biking session is scheduled :smile: