Zwift Hub Issues

Just got my Zwift Hub a few weeks ago and have noticed some issues every once and awhile.

The first issue I noticed was bluetooth connection did not work well. Constantly losing connection, despite the trainer literally being next to my laptop. I got an ANT+ dongle and it seemed to fix the issue.

Since getting the ANT+ dongle, it doesn’t seem to “say” it loses connection, but I will just randomly lose resistance while riding and I will notice the light on the trainer is solid blue. Usually when it is working normal, the light blinks everyone couple seconds. While riding today, I noticed it said “Connection Failed” but it was still displaying my watts but I had no change in resistance even on a high grade. For the next 10 minutes, I had no change in resistance and I ended my ride.

I have had this resistance issue a few times now.

Just curious if anybody has any input. The ANT+ dongle was pretty cheap ($10USD). Should I try a different dongle?

Thanks for any input! Other than this issue, this trainer seems pretty decent for the price.

100% go with a different ANT+ dongle. There’ve been reports of glitchy behaviour from discount dongles.

Garmin is always a good bet. Suunto are fine too. Realizing those are expensive brand new, you can find them on the used market, or even at thrift stores bundled with older fitness trackers. (look for new-old-stock Garmin Vivofit trackers) Of course, that assumes the luxury of time so you might have to spring for new if you want it fast.

In the meantime, you could try refreshing your ANT+ drivers if you’re using a Windows PC.

EDIT - further to what @Paul_Southworth mentions below, I’ve had good luck with Coospo electronics, though I can’t comment on their ANT+ dongle specifically.

I’ve had no problems with the Coospo ANT+ dongle, despite its cheapness. I have it on a USB extension cable. An extension cable will let you get it very close to the trainer, and let you position it in different locations to see where it works most reliably. You can move it to a given location, do a ride, then upload the log file to and see the Rxfail rate and whether there are disconnections. Rxfail will never be zero but single digits with no disconnections would be a good result. Then do another ride with it in a different location relative to the trainer electronics.

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Thanks for the info! I will give the extension cable w/ dongle a try. Where do I find the .txt files for zwiftalizer?

Thank you for the reply. Going to definitely try a new dongle.

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This was my recent ride from yesterday

Type Profile Model Connected At Channel (ANT+)
ANT+ Power Zwift Hub 12:34:54 Channel 1
ANT+ Heart Rate HR Strap 12:37:42 Channel 2
BLE (native) Controllable Trainer Zwift Hub BF3C 12:34:57

Under ANT+ Interferrence Channel 1 (zwift power hub)
RxFail - 11.65%

ANT+ Interference Channel 2 - Heart Rate - HR Strap
RxFail -5.85%

ANT+ FET Transfer Failures (Gradient/Resistance Change Failures)
No Failures Detected

ANT+ Disconnects
No Disconnects

Bluetooth FTMS Message Resends
421 resends

Bluetooth Trainer Resets
124 resets

Bluetooth Disconnects
No Disconnects

TCP Network Disconnects
No Disconnects

Can someone let me know if there are any issues here? I am very new to the trainer world so I don’t have a great understanding of everything yet.

Thank you everyone for your help

It looks to me after a little more looking into it that this is more than likely my issue. I wonder why the “Controllable” is connected via bluetooth?