Windows PC ANT+ issue solutions

Windows PC ANT+ issue solutions

With credit to Dave of ZPCMR who doesn’t appear active on the forum anymore, if you’re having issues with an ANT+ stick on a Windows PC, here are a couple of methods for reinstalling the driver.

First - Semi-automatic

  • open “Windows Update” and click “Check for updates”.
  • “View optional updates” and find “Dynastream Innovations, Inc. - Bus Controllers and Ports, Other hardware - ANT USB-m”, then install it.

Second - manual

Fun facts about ANT+: it’s older and has overlapping frequencies with things like microwave ovens so it’s prone to interference. However, it’s also fault-tolerant: unlike Bluetooth that requires “pairing”, ANT+ “transmits in the blind” - it simply spits out data for anything listening. Advantages are it can be received by multiple devices at once (example: HR can be sent by ANT+ to a bike computer, sport watch, and Zwift device on the same ANT+ channel) and it tends to reconnect after a disconnect. BLE, because of the “pairing” requirement, can only connect to a single device per channel and when a connection is dropped may stay dropped until manually re-connected.

For general troubleshooting, visit: Guidelines for Seeking Support on the Forum

For other resources of interest: Zwift Resource Wiki 🗺

If you have Garmin Express Application you will have the driver for both types of ANT+ devices


The version/date of the ANT+ driver for Windows in the Garmin Express application is the same as above:

So by installing Garmin Express you will have the driver for both ANT+ devices.