ANT+ Windows 11 Broken


Upgraded to Windows 11 and can no longer pair via ANT+.

Bluetooth still works.

There is no driver installed for my Garmin ANT+ dongle in windows device manager.

Any tips (apart from revert to Windows 10)?

Stick it in a different USB port to see if it comes to life. You can install the drivers manually but this shouldn’t be required. See if the dongle works on another PC to verify it’s not faulty.

Thanks Dave. Tried a different USB port, no good.

Plugged the ANT dongle into a different Windows 11 computer and the driver automatically installed and worked.

I can’t work out how to install the driver manually.

Does it show in Device Manager at all? Bear in mind it might be under a different heading than expected.

If so follow the steps here to overwrite/install the driver:

If it’s not there at all, I’m out of ideas.

Thanks Dave. Just followed your instructions via that link and the drivers are now installed and working.

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