New user - Ant+ USB with Garmin Edge 1000, speed and cadence sensors

Trying to get a new set up working on Windows 10. It looks like Garmin have retired the Ant Agent driver in preference for Garmin Express but this doesn’t detect my hardware. I’m guessing this is a faq but I can’t find any answers unfortunately, any help gratefully appreciated.

Garmin Express is not needed to run Zwift, it actually may get in the way.


Ah ok thanks, so no drivers needed at all, just plug and play?

So I deleted all things Garmin from my PC and started Zwift. I received the error “No ANT+ Dongle”. I do indeed have one connected to a known good USB port. 

I’m surprised this requires no device driver to work!

The device driver is actually installed by Windows, not Garmin. If you have Garmin Express running (even in the background despite deleting it), it will take over the ANT+ driver and not allow Zwift to see it.

What more do I need to do? I’ve stopped and uninstalled the Garmin Express app and associated processes. Exactly what does Zwift require to get this working?

Also make sure your ANT+ USB adapter is USB 2.0

All working now. I deleted the dongle in device manager and rebooted. After that it was properly detected and the rest of the setup worked fine.