Windows 11 desktop will not recognize bluetooth or ant+

Zwift working correctly until today. I got my new computer in Feb. 2023. It is an Asus-ROG Gaming Desktop-IntelCorei5-11400F-16GB Memory-NVIDIA GeForce GTX1660TI-512GB SSD. I have not been on Zwift for 2 or 3 weeks because weather has been good here in East Tennessee. Zwift pairing screen showed only minimum pairing options. No heart rate, or cadence. Bluetooth and ant+ symbols on right of screen instead usual upper left and no pulsating circles around the symbols. Zwift would not pair. Have uninstalled Zwift, disconnected Kicker, reconnected and reinstalled everything, restarted computer. Zwift did not pair on desktop. Zwift works normally on my Samsung android cell phone, but I have to turn off phone to shut down Zwift, which I did not have to do before today. I am not a computer guy, and don’t know the technology names, so try to help me out. What’s confusing to me is that I have made no physical or electrical changes in the 20’x20’ room that houses my Kicker and desktop computer.

@Harvey_Liberman , can you post a photo of your pairing screen, and let folk know what version of Zwift you’re on

The fact that the Ant+ & BT symbols are not pulsating is an indication that Windows isn’t seeing these as opposed to Zwift not seeing them.

Having just done a clean install of Windows i did notice my Ant+ driver didn’t install automatically.

You’ll need to navigate into device manager to see if they are correctly recognised.

Don’t know how to take screen shot. Zwift did an update when I reloaded Zwift, July 4. I’m guessing my version was current, July 4.

Thanks. I’ll try that.

Just press the print screen button

Stuart, I checked the device manager.Here are results.
Under bluetooth
media tek bluetooth adaptor
under other devices
ant usbstick2
Are these correct? If they are, do you have another suggestion?

From what you’ve described yes it sounds like the drivers are installed for them.

You don’t sound a man that fiddles with things so I’m trying to think what could have changed to now make both devices disabled.

Can you run Windows update to make sure everything is up to date.

Sometimes for some reason on my Win 10 machine Zwift won’t see my attached ANT+ dongle. The symptoms of this is that when Zwift starts and gets to the pairing screen the Bluetooth and ANT+ symbols won’t ‘pulse’ and Zwift looks like it’s ‘hanging’. If I pull out the USB cable for the ANT+ dongle, Zwift will immediately recover and the ANT+ and Bluetooth icons will start to pulse again. If I then reconnect the ANT+ dongle and wait for Windows to do the little chime to indicate that it’s recognised that it’s connected and running, it’ll start working properly again and I can successfully pair.

Try pulling out your dongle and reconnecting…?

…and more details would help, per these guidelines: Guidelines for Seeking Support on the Forum

I have removed my ant+ dongle and reinstalled . No change.
Summarizing where I’m at.
Zwift operates normally using my Samsung Android phone. To me that means my Kickr,( first earliest model with optical scanner) is putting out a signal. Garmin heart rate puts out both ant+ and bluetooth, it is OK. Garmin cadence sensor and Garmin speed sensor OK, both ant+ only.
I checked device manager in windows on my desktop computer and it shows both bluetooth and ant+ dongle OK.
Does this mean that something is blocking the computer receiving points? I’m probably not using correct computer terminology. I have made sure that Garmin Express is off on my computer.

The lack of pulsing icons on the pairing screen is the interesting part.

Device manager appears to show that they are working. You’ve proven your sensors are working.

There’s nothing that could be blocking them in that regard. Any interference would cause issues when the devices are being paired, not the stage you are at.

You need to follow CJ’s advice and give us the complete picture to rule other things out.

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