Guidelines for Seeking Support on the Forum

Guidelines for Seeking Support on the Forum

Note: forum participants are volunteers, the vast majority being non-Zwift staff - we’re just Zwifters like you!

If you’re having trouble with Zwift - things like the game isn’t loading, or you’re experiencing glitches or performance issues, before posting a help request, please first do the following:

  • Ensure you have the latest versions of Zwift and the Companion App, as well as your operating system (do a manual check for updates), followed by ensuring your trainer/smart bike, and other sensors are up to date using the manufacturer settings apps.
  • Read the Zwift official troubleshooting guides and knowledge-bases which are linked in the “Read These First” section of the Zwift Resource Wiki
  • Peruse the “Known Issues” sub-section - in many cases, problems have already been identified and there are workarounds or fixes pending
  • For ANT+ issues on Windows, refer to this post: Windows PC ANT+ issue solutions

Only after all of the above, if problems persist, please provide as much detail of your Zwift setup as possible, such as:

  • Device you’re running Zwift on and it’s specs (type, brand, specific model, CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD/HDD, WiFi/wired type, ANT+/BLE, Operating System and version) BE SPECIFIC! A device name is next to useless if the model has been made for many years. (eg. “Dell Inpiron laptop” could mean 100 different configurations spanning decades)
  • Trainer/smart bike (brand and model)
  • All sensors in use (type, brand, model) and connectivity type (ANT+/BLE, WiFi/Wired direct-connect)
  • Your network environment - WiFi, Ethernet, mesh-network, type of ISP, VPN, adblocking or other firewall software
  • Region/Country

Not doing the above will result in fewer - if any - responses, or people asking you if you’ve already followed the above steps.

Bad example of a forum post:

Nothing works anymore, it did yesterday, Zwift fix this now or I’m canceling!

Good Example of a forum post:

Hi Zwifters, I need some help please!

Yesterday everything was working and today I can’t seem to get connected and my avatar isn’t moving.

Trainer: Kickr Core connected via bluetooth to ipad with most recent firmware
Ipad running most recent IOS XXXXX

Zwift version 1.32.1 (I checked the app store and no updates are available)

No other devices connected to Ipad, all other bluetooth devices turned off

I use standard wifi with no mesh networks or VPN’s and all connections are stable, I’m in the US and use AT&T 300 mbps Fiber

Any ideas? Thanks!

Edited to add @Nigel_Tufnel’s network specs.


Three more thoughts:

  1. Are you running a hardwired machine, or is it on WiFi (also include whether it’s a mesh network).
  2. What country are you in?
  3. Who is your ISP?

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