Garmin Strap HR in Workout/Custom Workout reads low

I’ve had the same problem when trying to do my custom workouts last couple tries. I can get my saris Hammer trainer and my Garmin HR chest strap paired up, choose my workout, that I configured/built and save custom, and get going. The HR reading on screen is obviously wrong–low–doesn’t increase but a beat or two. Re-pair it, nope. Reset it, by taking battery out, reversing etc… Nope.
If I ditch the workout and ‘just ride’ or do an event, I confirmed this morning it reads correctly.
What gives? Accurate HR during specific workouts is most important.
Thank you.

Any chance you’re looking at a number other than HR? I’ve never seen this issue, and Zwift should be using the same methodology to pick up the HR signal no matter what type of ride you’re doing.

Like maybe it’s recording cadence? The number is close to what my cadence would be, but if I stop pedaling it’s the same. It has to be a zwift thing–a difference between their ‘game’ and workouts, and workouts I’ve created on their platform.

Hey Patrick. Could you provide some more details of your setup? This thread is a guide: Guidelines for Seeking Support on the Forum

…and include everything from HRM model to the specs of the devices you’re running Zwift on, app versions, OS versions etc.

As a general rule, I’d start by doing manual checks for OS updates, then apps, and restarting all devices. Failing that, completely uninstall Zwift, unpair all sensors, start from scratch.

Hey thank you,
Yes, I have a garmin’s standard HR strap not the ‘PRO’ model. I have a Saris (cycleops) Hammer H3 Direct drive smart trainer. Mac OS (dunno computer out in shop right now and I’m not getting up) and Zwift Ap updated when I fired it up last week so I’m going to assume it’s current. I’ll follow your general rule and ‘start from scratch’ Thanks for your reply.

I did confirm that this problem only shows up when I’m in a workout that i created on the platform. The HRM reads correctly when I’m in a Zwift ‘just ride’ or ‘event’ situation.

Are you connecting with Bluetooth or ANT+?

I have ANT+ with an extension so it’s close to me, and Bluetooth. Both show as options for connection and it looks like the computer chooses Bluetooth for the ap.