Companion App - Map tabs are not showing / grey bar instead

For some reason, on the companion app (iPhone), the map doesn’t show the control tabs/buttons at the bottom of the screen any more, just a greyed out bar instead. I can no longer give Ride-On’s, change view or stop the work out from the app.
I have restarted, re-installed the app, turned wifi on and off on mobile, rebooted the phone, …

Any clue what this could be?

Do you have a screenshot?

Post some more details, per these guidelines: Guidelines for Seeking Support on the Forum

im using the latest version of Zwift on Mac (1.39.0) and latest version of Companion app (3.48.0).

When starting a session on Zwift, the map comes up fine (as expected). However the bottom bars with all buttons is just a grey bar with interaction possible (see screenshot).

We need more info than that. Please consult the linked thread, carefully.