Issue with Companion App

I had an issue yesterday (Following the Zwift upgrade), where my Companion App did not show my ride map. I could see previous events, but not the one I was currently cycling.

Did anyone else experience this either yesterday or previously? If so,
What was the cause, and
How do I resolve it?


If you can’t see the map, it means that the Companion app can’t see your Zwift client device on your local network. So it’s a local networking/routing issue.

Often on an iPhone this is due to the OS WiFi Assist feature being used, where the phone switches to cellular data if the wifi is weak, and that will cause this problem.

Otherwise try rebooting your router.

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Thanks Steve :+1:

I had the map issue described BUT I could go to the Zwifters nearby page in the companion and see them so it seems like more than a network problem

@Tim_Gilbert A very small minority of us dont have maps show up by default but everything else works (workout screen pops up when starting a w/o etc) so a workaround (doesnt work for everyone) is to hit the CA stop button, wait for the event finish popup to appear, then just exit that and the map appears. Not enough people have the problem so Zwift wont fix what they broke 2/3 years back!

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i had similar today ( also after recent update)
everything on ZCA was working including dashboard, messages, other riders, etc, just no positional information on map. ( and no data top right on map) but power ups worked
Bluetooth connections were also wortkin* through the app.
So ZA and CA were talking i er the network…

The positioning on map and data suddenly started working after about 30 min of riding !

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