Companion app not displaying map

I’ve been riding pretty steadily through the winter, logging 2-3 rides per week, with no issues. But my last couple of rides, when I open the Zwift companion app on my phone, I don’t see the live map of my ride. It’ll show that I’m currently zwifting when I check my activities, but I can’t access any in-ride data.

I’m not sure what’s changed…I thought maybe the app was out of date, so I re-downloaded it from the App Store, and still nada. Rode Tour of Watopia today without being able send ride-ons, chat, or use power ups. Very annoying. Anyone else having this issue?

The Zwift Companion App will only show that screen when it connects to the Zwift App running on a different device. The connection is done over your local network so make sure they are both connected to the same router.


Hi John, yes I have had exactly the same issue over the weekend. Thought it was just me! I tried reinstalling the app as well, but didn’t resolve. I am running app on an iPhone SE.


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Just wondering if you ever got this fixed as I’m having the same problem as you.

Thanks Matt

That can happen if your phone is not on the network as your Zwift device. Turn on flight mode and only enable Wifi and see if that solve your problem.


I recently noticed some issues with the map on the ZCA when I use my phone (Galaxy S9) to send a text message or use another app while ZCA runs in the background. When I return to ZCA the map is all off center, won’t re-center on my position, or is completely blank. I have to force close ZCA and re-start it, then all is fine, but if I get a text message or other notification and leave ZCA then it all happens again.

Could other open apps on your phone be causing this? Seems like a bug to me…

I have the same issue. I ride a course. After I’m done, I look on the app and the map rendering does not show up. It does have the other pages [typically there are 4 pages to swipe], just not the map/course I rode. Seems to be mostly longer courses. I’m certain Zwift does not seem to care about this feature but hopefully enough people will complain and they will get on it.

I just joined Zwift and downloaded the companion app onto my Samsung Note9, when I’m riding on Zwift and start the companion app it doesn’t show the real time map while i’m riding. Maybe once in about 5 rides it does shows not sure why???

What device are you running the Zwift App on?

The connection between the ZCA and the Zwift app is done over your local network.

I’ve got Zwift on a Dell PC, windows 10, connected wirelessly to my router. the companion app is on my samsung note 10 phone. so the phone should be only connected to the router to then? and not through the cell phone network?

Yes, it needs to be connected to your router.

Try turning off cell data or putting the phone in Airplane mode and just turning on WiFi to see if that helps.

okay, thanks. I’ll give that a try next time on the trainer. So the times that it did work i must have had my WiFi on my phone, didn’t make the connection. Thanks again. Now i’m hoping my other post about Zwift freezing and losing my Zwift off season training data, 3 days in a row!!! :frowning:

Another more recent thread has been opened covering this … you may want to participate in that, plus try my workaround to get the map back until the bug gets fixed!

Ooops, correction, I lost track of the year. The thread I updated is older than this so I will update this thread too …

The problem is acknowledged by Zwift as an issue. No fix available yet. Workaround is to hit the big STOP button on the CA as if to finish a ride, then cancel that action. Your map should appear. Has worked every ride for me since I found the issue early last year.

I also have a Workout bug doing similar …

I use Zwift by tethering an iPad to the phone’s 4G (as my Wifi is not stable enough).
So Zwift Companion will never show the map/ride mode despite it running on the device through which all of the Zwift data is flowing. Gah!

Just a note to say this solved my problem. I had forgotten i had 2 networks on my router (actually 2 routers). This has never affected anything before, but my tablet was on one and my phone on another and the map was not there. Put them both on same network and BAM it all works. Thank you Paul

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I had the same issues but this worked! Thanks Gerrie

TY! Been trying to sort this bit out for a spell…