Companion app not displaying map

I’ve been riding pretty steadily through the winter, logging 2-3 rides per week, with no issues. But my last couple of rides, when I open the Zwift companion app on my phone, I don’t see the live map of my ride. It’ll show that I’m currently zwifting when I check my activities, but I can’t access any in-ride data.

I’m not sure what’s changed…I thought maybe the app was out of date, so I re-downloaded it from the App Store, and still nada. Rode Tour of Watopia today without being able send ride-ons, chat, or use power ups. Very annoying. Anyone else having this issue?

The Zwift Companion App will only show that screen when it connects to the Zwift App running on a different device. The connection is done over your local network so make sure they are both connected to the same router.

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Hi John, yes I have had exactly the same issue over the weekend. Thought it was just me! I tried reinstalling the app as well, but didn’t resolve. I am running app on an iPhone SE.