Missing Map on Companion App

(David Cooper) #1

Hi All,

Rode stage 2 of TDZ this morning … great event by the way, really enjoyed the first two rides and looking forward to the others. However, fired up the companion app, as I always do and, whilst there were some of the usual issues (mostly occasions when it cannot find me in the list of Zwifters rendering it impossible to quickly give ride ons to other Zwifters, or where I use a power up on the main app, but the companion app still shows I have it) the main problem was that there was no map. The dashboard, Zwifters list and messaging seemed to be working fine, but there was just a blank space where the companion map should be.

This was my first ride in New York … is this normal? Was is a capacity issue (2,300 + riders) or something else? The app worked fine for stage 1 in Watopia.

Not a big deal, but would be useful to know if there is a way I can solve it if it happens again … using Android by the way.


(Kevin Brown) #2

The most likely cause is your companion app is not up to date. Have you checked you have the latest version?

(David Cooper) #3

Yes I have. Version 3.0.2 is shown on both Google Play as the latest versiom and on my device as the version installed, so that seems fine.

(Lars Winterhalter) #4

I have the same issue. Version 3.0.2 on Android - no NYC map. Has not been there since the ZC 3.0 launched back in Dec. Watopia and London is fine, Innsbruck (as far as I remember) was not showing the map either.

(David Cooper) #5

That’s disappointing. I haven’t ridden Innsbruck yet, either … only just got the turbo set up for the Winter so haven’t been on since before the two new worlds were added.

Anyone out there know of any fixes for this?

(Abigail O.) #6

We just released a new version of the Zwift Companion app (3.0.3). If you are affected by this issue, please try updating your app and see if the problem persists. Thanks!

(David Cooper) #7

Thanks for the heads up. I have installed the update, but will have to wait for TdZ stages 7 and 9 to see whether the maps for the new worlds are working. Not sure I am going to have the chance to get on at any other point.

(Abigail O.) #8

No problem David! I hope that helps, but if not, please try force closing the Zwift Companion app and relaunching it. This should refresh the data and may fix the issue.