The map is no longer automatically loading in the companion APP when I start a ride

Map not loading automatically anymore in companion app when start a ride. Means I have no chat and can’t give ride on’s when on Zwift. Have tried uninstall and reinstall, tried switching off phone etc. any ideas?

You must be on the same network as the device running Zwift, has any of that changed recently at your home? You can also turn off wifi assist which uses cellular data when the wifi signal is poor.

Hi Mike. Yeah definitely on the same network and I don’t seem to have any connectivity issues - have 900 fibre broadband but I’ll certainly give that a try. The only thing I changed recently was using my iPad instead of my laptop but the map worked at first then stopped about a week ago. Very frustrating!

Some routers are effectively two units working at different frequencies. E.g., perhaps your phone is connected at 2.4 GHz but the iPad at 5 GHz. Just another possible idea to chase down, FWIW…

Thanks Rob
That’s a good point I’ll give that a try on the iPad.
Switched back to my laptop today and all working as normal so I’ll stick with that for now lol. soooo bizarre.