Zwift companion doesn’t link

When I start Companion the map does not load. The app shows me as Zwifting, but no map and I can’t see other riding Zwifters. I have reinstalled the app several times to not avail. Wits end.

It sounds like whatever device on which you are running ZC is not on the same network as the device on which you are running the Zwift game. Are you splittling 2.4 and 5 networks, perhaps? Or if you’re running ZC on a phone is it trying to use cellular data, instead of WiFi?

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Yes, that worked. The Companion was on data. All is well. Thanks!

Ok it’s doing it again. The apps are are both of WiFi and the Companion app sound connect. So frustrating.

If it’s an iPhone, turn off Wifi Assist. That switches to cellular data when it thinks the wifi signal is weak.

I figured it out. You can’t go through a VPN. Got it . No VPN.