Companion app not showing Chat & Map

Can someone help me with the companion app please? I Zwift using my laptop connected to the TV. I use my iPhone to access the companion app during my rides but it doesn’t give me the option to message or see the map! When I load the app during a ride sometimes the map randomly loads and I can quickly click the chat option but it disappears again! There’s no rhyme or reason as to when the map will pop up. I’ve checked if my app and phone is up to date and they are. Thanks in advance guys

Hi @Samantha_Peach, welcome to the forums. Is your phone connected to the same wifi network as the laptop? They need to be on the same network for the companion app to work.

If you phone is using cellular data and not wifi, then it won’t “talk” to Zwift.


Hi Mike, yes the phone and laptop are both on the home WiFi. I’ve hopefully attached a screen shot of what I can see when I’m riding and I don’t get the map option at all along the bottom or message option

I use android, so it is slightly different for me, but when you are logged into Zwift at the same time do you get a “game” tab along the bottom next to “Home”, “Events”…

On android I get a “game” screen and that is where the map, chat, and other metrics are displayed.

The tabs I get are the same as if I’m not Zwifting which are:
Home/ events/ activities/ goals/ more

The app knows I’m in an event because it shows the event I’m zwifting in on the home page and doesn’t let me click into it as it knows I’m currently in it.

You might try turning off WiFi assist, or just turning off cellular data altogether, while riding to see if that solves the issue. Another possible option would be to change the settings in your WiFi router so that it uses a static channel (generally 1 or 11) instead of ‘best’ channel.

Also, if you happen to use the Companion app on multiple devices (perhaps you also have an iPad?) be sure you have force quit the ZC app on the other device, as you can only access the map and chat on one device at a time.


also check what wifi network both are connected to, most routers now have the option of a 5g signal and the standard 2.4g. I’m not sure if this matters, but maybe the phone is on 2.4g and the laptop in on 5g?

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Oh my goodness how do I check that?

I only have the app for my phone so that’s fine. I need to find out how to check the router and my phone WiFi connections!

most likely when you go into settings/wifi and you get the list of available networks to connect to, one of them will have a 5G in the name and one will have a 2G in the name. At least that is how mine works, I use Spectrum. Each service will be different I’m sure.

Wifi Assist might be in the same settings menu, that uses cellular when the wifi signal gets weak, and hence no companion app functionality.

Ok I’ve taken a pic of what my laptop is on and I’ve turned the data off my phone so it’s only on WiFi

looks like the laptop is on a 5g network, so make sure the phone is on the exact same one.

I forgot both the WiFi on the laptop and Phone then reconnected and it’s worked!!! Thanks Mike :pray:

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I have not seen that screen before!

I hadn’t but knew I needed to access this screen in order to message the group whilst in the middle of a ride. I get it now though as it worked after I did a few things mentioned above

I have the same problem. In the middle of a ride The Companion App switches to the Events info from the map/messages/zwifters pages. It’s really annoying when I’m doing a workout & lose those pages.

I’ve rebooted my phone & it still happens. Any help?

I also had a similar issue with companion app and after visiting this community I am able to solve my issue with app because of you.

I’ve got only a very basic flip phone, I guess one step up from Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone! Will my phone work on this? I do not have a smart phone.

You will need a smartphone.

Thanks Steve,

For now I will stay with my dumb flip phone! It does what I need it to do mostly, which is to call someone if I need help!

In the mean time, have fun!

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