Zwift Companion App not working/working intermediately

My Zwift Companion app routinely drops out of the ride I’m participating in and goes back to the Home Screen.

Occasionally it returns back to the ride (showing ride tabs, map).

In addition to this issue the map was displayed on my iPhone but I was unable to see my or anyone’s location on the iPhone screen.

Usually because your phone is intermittently using mobile data, which is enough to make the Companion app believe it’s not on the same network. Consider using flight mode, or just disabling mobile data during your ride. Alternatively you can disable network switching, which is called Wi-Fi Assist on iOS.

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I placed my phone in Airplane mode but left the WiFi on (not sure if that’s correct). The Zwift Companion dropped out at 30 minutes and after waiting several minutes I took the phone out of Airplane Mode and the map & dashboard returned.

I’m not sure if I misunderstood your original email.

Do I leave in Airplane mode w/only Bluetooth On?
Do I leave in Airplane Mode w/only WiFI On?

Or Airplane Mode w/both WiFi and Bluetooth on?

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Bluetooth shouldn’t matter on or off, that’s not used for internet traffic.

I would try just disabling Wi-Fi Assist. And ensure your phone isn’t jumping between different Wi-Fi networks at home. They need to be the same as the device you’re running Zwift itself on. Sometimes mesh networks are an issue.

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I will disable the feature.

I only have one network at home and all devices are on it.

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Just enabling flight mode should have been sufficient to disable mobile data, so I’m not sure why that still dropped out. But give it a go without Wi-Fi Assist and see if it’s any better.