Zwift Companion connection dropping


My Zwift companion app keeps dropping mid ride.

I’ve looked at the Zwift support page and was going to try quitting app when signal drops and relaunch but the link for how to do this with iOS does not work.
Can someone offer advise and if this isn’t the best solution, offer an alternative solution.Thanks

Ensure you’re on exactly the same network as the device running the game. If you’re sure you are, try disabling Wi-Fi Assist.

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I’m definitely on the same Wi-Fi so I’ll try your suggestion on turning Wi-Fi assist off and see if that helps.

Thanks Dave.

No probs, it’s worth a try. The feature lets your phone utilise both Wi-Fi and your mobile network as it sees fit for best performance, but that behaviour may cause Zwift to think it’s on a different network and drop the connection. I think this is why people often say putting their phone on flight mode works, because it’s taking their mobile network out of the equation altogether. I have the same feature on my Android phone (called Smart Network Switch) which I have turned off and I never drop connection.

It’s just a theory anyway.

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Thanks Dave!! I also struggled with my companion app dropping and giving me the message “continue checking WiFi or use cell network “ so I suspected the app was struggling with a connection. Setting my phone in airplane mode fixed it all.

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Yeah but if you disable Wi-Fi Assist/Smart Network Switching then you shouldn’t need to. :wink:

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I don’t believe it is an option on Apple devices.


Edit - haha, Dave beat me to it.

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Thanks Dave. Tried it out this morning and it worked great

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