Companion app - workout mode dropping out

(MarkMcCabe InDaRain) #1

Haven’t managed to find a solution to where my Companion app will temporarily show workout mode while working out but drops after only a few seconds. I can get it back temporarily by closing and opening the app but the same problem.
This is a persistent and not intermittent problem.
I have a good Wi-Fi signal and am running it on an iPhone 6

(Dave Reich (KIT)) #2

I’ve had the same problem in recent days. Used to work flawlessly. Happened a lot for a few weeks, but last two seems to be better. Only thing that I found that might be a cause, is I have a WiFi extender that might be causing some interference, so you might want to check and change the channel on your WiFi router if so, and I made a habit of unplugging my extender before firing up Zwift and Companion (I was always running it thru the WiFi router, but perhaps the extender was causing problems. Did not have a direct improvement, but the last 2 weeks have been much better.

(David) #3

Happened to me for the first time yesterday. Would not connect no matter what I tried. iPhone 8+, restarted phone. Did not restart computer because I had already started my workout. Will see what happens tonight.

(Terry) #4

I’m having the same issue with iPhone X. I have a strong wifi signal and a fast internet speeds. My macbook pro does not drop, just the mobile app. I’ve had this problem for a few months and am hoping an update is coming soon !!

(e. 511 keV) #5


I have the exact same problem, and posted on this section under " iPhone Zwift Companion freeze and drops".

For me, the problem is intermittent and for the past couple of days, Zwift Companion App has worked flawlessly. The only parameter that I changed, was to “allow” Zwift app in the WIN10 Security/Firewall settings. This was just a guess on my part, since I presume the Zwift Companion needs to communicate with the computer. However, because my problem is intermittent, I can’t determine if the firewall access was the problem (I’m NOT and IT expert). But also does not make much sense because sometimes the Zwift Companion app works perfectly, sometimes not at all.

I’m at a loss to determine the problem, but after reading these posts I will presume this problem is not unique to my setup. But I suspect the problem is not related to the Zwift Companion App, but more likely related to our individual WiFi setups. Any ideas and suggestions most welcome. I plan to ride Zwift workouts every day this week, and will report back to this posting my experience. Maybe allowing Zwift app through the WIN10 Security/Firewall was the solution?

Ride On, Max

(Jerry) #6

I have the Companion app on an android phone and have NEVER been able to get the workout screen to come up, even though the app is showing that I am connected on the Home screen.

(Jerry) #7

I’m going to bump this one up, since I’ve finally found the solution to my particular issue, and this may help someone else.

This is either going to be a Windows Defender firewall issue, or my router firewall is restricting traffic. Once I turned off the firewalls, I not only got full companion app functions on my Android phone, but I also got other people riding the same route I’m on for the first time since I started Zwift. Well, at least now I know what to do when Central Park is too crowded for my particular riding preferences.

(Jon) #8

I am also having sporadic issues. Mine seem to be down to the phone and laptop automatically choosing different frequencies when connecting to the wifi.

My laptop is selecting 2.4MHz and my iPhone 5MHz. As far as Companion is concerned, that puts them on different networks and so they will not connect to each other.

This is a dynamic setting and so the two devices may sometimes end up on the same network. Which explains the intermittent issue for me.

My personal challenge is how on earth I am going to fix this. Much head scratching required.

(Magnus Nilsson) #9

Think this might be my problem to. Using Ipad for Zwift and iPhone for Companion. Workout on companion drops and get backs after a while.

Did you manage to solve it?

(Jon) #10

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Yes. I forced my laptop and phone to use the same frequency band on the WiFi and also extended the WiFi into the room with my trainer to boost signal. Not a single issue since then.