Companion app - workout mode dropping out

(Mark Mc Cabe In Da Rain) #1

Haven’t managed to find a solution to where my Companion app will temporarily show workout mode while working out but drops after only a few seconds. I can get it back temporarily by closing and opening the app but the same problem.
This is a persistent and not intermittent problem.
I have a good Wi-Fi signal and am running it on an iPhone 6

(Dave Reich) #2

I’ve had the same problem in recent days. Used to work flawlessly. Happened a lot for a few weeks, but last two seems to be better. Only thing that I found that might be a cause, is I have a WiFi extender that might be causing some interference, so you might want to check and change the channel on your WiFi router if so, and I made a habit of unplugging my extender before firing up Zwift and Companion (I was always running it thru the WiFi router, but perhaps the extender was causing problems. Did not have a direct improvement, but the last 2 weeks have been much better.

(David Sack 50+) #3

Happened to me for the first time yesterday. Would not connect no matter what I tried. iPhone 8+, restarted phone. Did not restart computer because I had already started my workout. Will see what happens tonight.