Companion issue with power in workout mode

(Gerard Val [HIK]) #1

Last night my power inditacion on the app did not respond. I was doing a workout and the app showed something like:
Do 0 (zero) power during … while on the pc-screen the power to produce was normal.
IOS app. I saw it was updated sept 13.

(Vincent) #2

Hey Gerard has this happened before or was it the first time? If that happens again try closing the Companion app then restart it while still in the ride.

(Gerard Val [HIK]) #3

Hi Vincent,
I did that while I was still in the ride. I even restarted my iPhone, turned wifi off and on… nothing changed.
Maybe tomorrow evening I do a ride again and then I will test it again…
It was the first time I had this.
Regards Gerard.

(Gerard Val [HIK]) #4

Powerinfo/data is not comming to the app…

(Vincent) #5

Thanks for the screenshot Gerard! Which device are you launching the Zwift app from?

(Gerard Val [HIK]) #6

On iPhone 5. It’s my "spare’ phone. I tried switchin off/on wifi, off/on the whole device, makes no difference

(Vincent) #7

Hey Gerard, can you check to make sure your FTP isn’t set to 0?

Edit: I also see that you’ve sent a support conversation. If you have any new info please direct it there so we’re not talking in two places. :slight_smile:

(Steve Bourgeault) #8

i have the same issue with a generation 6 ipod touch

(Steve Bourgeault) #9

when u say close it, you mean log out and log back in?

(Josh Wepman) #10

I have this problem every ride. 0w for whatever duration on companion app. Is there a solution?

(Gerard Val [HIK]) #11


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Gerard Val

(Marcello Crevatin [TS] [BDC]) #12

I have the same problem 0W during workout, with I pad. The issue have a solution?

(Ivo Ritters) #13

I am using the companion app on an old iphone 5c and it has the same problem with workouts. It seems not to fetch my ftp data from my account and therefore all targets are 0W. This is already going on for a while; unfortunately I cannot tell with which update this has been introduced. It was working in the past. Everything else works fine with the app. Probably this affects only old iphones and ipads?

(Scott Verduin) #14

I have this same issue with every workout. The companion app will drop power thus closing out the workout screen. I have to close the app and restart to get workout mode to reappear. This continues over and over. The readings on the PC are not affected, power remains constant.

(Kevin Brownstein EVO) #15

I’m having the exact same issue as described by everyone above with my 3rd Gen iPad. The workout and power on the main Zwift application is fine, but the companion app always has the power goal at 0. I’m running the latest version of the Companion app (1/8) and all other functions are fine.

(Ryan) #16

I have the same issue with my companion app. I use an old iPhone as my bike computer.

iPhone: 5
IOS: 9.3.5
App Version 2.4.5 (487)

(Martin Kares) #17

Same problem!

(Kevin Brownstein EVO) #18

Engaged with Zwift support on this issue. I was told my iPad 3 was not supported and was directed to a page that showed Zwift app, not Companion requirements.

I asked for a clarification and was ignored. Anyone else get this type of response? I’m ok if my 6 year old ipad is not supported, but I would like to see it documented somewhere.

(Brian Kelly (IRL)) #19

Any updates on this as I have the same issue on both ipad and iphone?

(Gerard Val [HIK]) #20

I suspect it’s a non-issue to them. In a way zwift is growing too big too fast.

Priority is ESports…

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Gerard Val