iPhone Zwift Companion freeze and drops

Hi all,

Looking for any assistance and possible solutions to my problems using Zwift Companion on my iPhone 6, iOS 12.1.
Just recently, during the past few weeks, I have been experiencing Zwift Companion not working, which I use to interact with Zwift during rides. Zwift companion will freeze, lock-up, and this problem continues even after closing and re-starting the app, the WiFi, and the iPhone itself during a Zwift ride. Up until a couple of weeks ago, the Zwift Companion app has worked flawlessly (mostly) for the past year plus since I started using Zwift.

The iPhone uses the same WiFi network as the ASUS laptop computer, (WIN10 all updates current) I’m using to run Zwift. While the Companion experiences these problems, Zwift on the laptop is operating without any problems, which suggests (to a IT no-nothing like myself), that the problem is not with my WiFi network. The WiFi signal indicator on the iPhone shows all bars illuminated. Although I have re-set the WiFi router several times as a precaution. I have also reset network settings on the iPhone, turned off Bluetooth on the iPhone, and while riding Zwift no other programs are running on the laptop.

Any ideas or suggestions? last night during a workout the iPhone companion app was basically unusable.The app would work for a couple of minutes at most, then freeze. After re-starting the app, it would take at least 2 minutes to link to Zwift, and freeze within a minute or two. Sometimes the Zwift Companion all would not connect at all and I would have to close and open again.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Has there been any updates to your router?
Are the laptop and the phone on the same WiFi frequency? If one is using 5Ghz and the other is using 2.4Ghz there may be a firewall rule that prevents the 2 devices from cummunicating.

Hi Paul,

I don’t think there have been any updates to the router, but I will try to check.
Not sure if the devices are are using different WiFi frequency, I will try to figure out and check.

WIFI frequency has nothing to do with Zwift communication. All the communication is done at the TCP/IP layer.

As long as your devices are all on the same TCP/IP network (i.e., they all have similar IP addresses assigned, like 192.168.1.x or 10.10.1.x) they will be able to communicate.

I think you missing understood me, Some routes broadcast 2 different frequencies (5Ghz and 2.4Ghz) and some models create (or the users creates) different VLANs and sometimes there ends up being firewall rules that prevent 2 devices on 2 different frequencies (VLANs sometimes) form communicating. This the way most consumer class routers (home) are configured, but ISP managed routers can have this feature as well as business class ones.

They can be on different VLANs and still communicate as long as routing and firewall rules exist to allow it. I have successfully connected the ZCA running on an iPhone on a 10.0.4.x subnet to a PC on a 192.168.168.x network.

So in my post I was trying to make sure that the OP was putting the 2 devices on the same frequency to ensure they were on the same subnet incase there are rules in place to block traffic between subnets (frequencies if a VLAN was configures).

I am sure I am over your head on this and I really didn’t want to confuse the OP with all the technical info, that’s why I simplified the troubleshooting.

No, not over my head at all. I’m a software developer by day and am pretty familiar with networking concepts.

I suspect a multi-lan configuration is a rare occurrence with most Zwift users.

Suffice it to say, most (if not all) consumer grade wifi routers will put 2.4ghz & 5ghz clients on the same IP subnet.

Agreed, but I split mine so I would have more control. Not sure if the OP is using an ISP supplied router or not and that could explain some of the issue.

Hi all,

I’m definitely no IT-network-WiFi-expert, but all the replies are interesting and informative. The confounding aspect of my problem is that it stated a few weeks ago, after Zwift Companion (and it’s predecessor) had worked flawlessly (mostly) for well over a year. And to my knowledge nothing in my home WIFI network has changed. Of course there have been the continuous WIN 10 auto updates along with iOS updates in my iPhone. So it definitely appears that “something” has changed.

I’m pretty much to point of purchasing an inexpensive Bluetooth keyboard to interact with Zwift when riding, as Zwift Companion is just not working. But being a curious fellow, I would like to solve the issue and understand the underlying cause.


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I don’t think it’s Windows Updates or iOS updates since I am fully updated on both and have no issue.

Hello Max,

I have exactly the same Problems with my Compagnon app.

But I use Zwirft wirth my iPhone X and Compagnon on my iPad 4.

So it has got nothing to do with Windows…

Cheers, Michel