Companion app drops mid-game

Occasionally, the Zwift Companion (ZC) app drops out of in-ride mode into the Events-Activities screen while I’m in the game. I have a Win 10 PC running the game and an iPhone 10 R running the ZC. Both are on the same WiFi network. My router is about 1.5 to 2 meters away from the PC and iPhone. And, I can see the lights on my router showing it is broadcasting. I update the game and ZC as soon as updates are available to I am always running the current version on both.

Everything pairs when I start, I get the game going and the ZC loads the map. The ZC ‘marker’ for my avatar follows the map as I ride along. Then once in a while, the ZC drops out of the game and into the Events-Activities screen while the game on my PC continues to run correctly. Occasionally I can get the ZC back into the game mode by ‘killing’ the app on my iPhone and restarting the app. But, not always. Any thoughts to what is going on or how to troubleshoot?

I see the exact issue as you have described it. Yesterday it dropped and I tried everything during the ride to get it to reconnect and it would not.