Companion app dropping out

Last couple of rides I’ve experienced the companion app map closing and going back to the view when your not using Zwift. Then suddenly the map will reload again. Today occasionally other riders would disappear then reappear again. The companion app issue and the riders disappearing at different times though. Playing internet radio on my BOSE system continues to work as does opening websites so I’m not loosing my internet connection. Using Apple TV and Neo 1.
Works ok other than those two problems.
Could Zwift be doing maintainance on the system?

I think you are likely to be getting network drops, they maybe just very short. I would check this first you can do this by analysing your log file at Zwiftalizer: . Worth doing this to rule it out before you start looking at other issues.

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Is your apple tv hardwired to your router?

I was having drop-out issues on nearly every ride in that configuration.

As soon as I unplugged the ethernet cable and connected via wifi it was fine.


John. Thanks Apple TV though.

Paul. Thanks. No not hard wired. Worth a try if it continues. Beèn ok for the last eight months though. Nothing’s changed.

Whoops, sorry Lindsay. I still think it might be a wifi problem though, the companion app cutting out and riders disappearing are usually what happens when this occurs.

Thanks John. Yes it looks like the wi fi may be the problem area. I’ll look into that further.

I’ve had to hard wire. Especially living in a condo with neighbors all around I get too much interference for a stable WiFi and sometimes ANT+ connection. The worst seems to be when a nearby microwave is in use.

I do agree, everything in my house is on wifi and it is awesome, but my Zwift PC will always be on a wired connection, i am not taking any chances. Even if Wifi is good 99% of the time I know that 1% will be in a race.

Go wired if you can.


I have a gold plated - Cat 5 cable. Works great for my shite ■■■ 30mbps Internet. EDIT: haha it allows shite but blocks out my ISP :joy:

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If you are going to get new cable go with at least CAT6

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