Companion App - constantly drops out

It would be great if Zwift could fix the iPhone companion app so it doesn’t constantly drop out or fail to load the map. There should not be a requirement for appleTv and iPhone to constantly be connected to the same WiFi when we now have fast 4G and 5G phone data connections. Surely the fact that the same user is logged in should be sufficient for the companion app to be able to load the map.

Well, you know about the requirement of being on the same wifi. So, I’ll assume you actually have your iPhone on the same wifi :sweat_smile:

Put your iPhone in Airplane mode when Zwifting. That will prevent your iPhone from switching between mobile data and wifi which is probably causing your failures.

Always force quit Zwift on your Apple TV as well as the Companion app on your iPhone after each session. This too will save you some headaches.

Lastly, at a minimum manually check that both Zwift and the Companion app are the latest versions. Yes, auto update works, but it is not immediate. It’s probably best to also manually check that the TV OS and iPhone iOS are updated as well.


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how do you force quite zwift on appleTV?


Double-click the TV button on the remote to get a view of all apps. Swipe left/right to get to the Zwift app, then swipe up to close it.

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Just to be clear, this is not a Zwift issue. There are a lot of Zwift issues, but this is not on them.