Swift companion app on iPhone dropouts since update

Since last week’s update of both Zwift and iOS 11.3 I have been getting intermittent dropouts when using the app with my Apple TV.  Suddenly the Apple TV will show no wattage, cadence or hrm data and the display on the iPhone companion app will show the last values frozen.  I have to quit the companion app, restart and then re-pair with the Apple TV.   Most of the time I just have to switch to using the Apple TV directly but then I lose the ability to have my Kickr, Cadence and HRM since only two connections are allowed.   The Apple TV never loses connection when paired directly, nor does my iPad.  Only Zwift Companion. Note that I have been using this combination successfully for quite some time and it just started being a problem this week after the latest updates.  

I may have solved the problem by deleting and re-installing the AppleTV app.  No dropouts in 45 minutes today.  I need a couple more days to make sure.