Companion app tips

Is there a trick to getting the app to work with the ‘game’ mode? Sometimes it connects and works fine, then others it just doesn’t at all. I’m on the one and only WiFi connection in the house. Should I have the app open before opening the game on the laptop? Or vice versa? Getting very frustrated with how random it is!

Hi John, thanks for reaching out!

I’d be happy to help with this! Something that prevents Zwift and Zwift Companion from communicating is the mobile device switching to mobile data. Something you can do to prevent this is to put the mobile device into airplane mode and turn on Wifi!

Give that a shot and let us know how it goes!

Try disabling smart network switching, which lets your phone switch to mobile data to supplement the Wi-Fi as it sees fit. It’s called Wi-Fi Assist on iOS if you’re using an iPhone. Flight mode would do the same job, but obviously means you can’t receive calls/texts etc if that bothers you.

Thank you. I don’t think it’s that to be honest - I never have data switched on so it won’t be jumping to 4G unless I do it. Sometimes I use the macbook, sometimes the ipad, for the main Zwift screen - both ios - while my phone is android. Would switching device, and neither being android, make a difference?

Platform doesn’t matter, I’ve used CA on Android to an Apple device no problem.

I had similar issues last year. No problem since using my Android phone in flight mode, with only WiFi switched on.

What I meant was, is the switching from Macbook to Ipad losing the connection? Depending on who’s using the Ipad I sometimes use the laptop, and vice versa. Does it rely on a connection to the device, or is it all about simply both game and app using the same Wifi?

It relies on the Zwift Companion device being able to see the Zwift client app device on the local network. Doesn’t matter if it’s wifi or cabled, just that the local router has to be able to let them see each other and pass data.