Technical question

After working flawlessly (for years) I suddenly can’t connect the companion app and Zwift. Game no longer appears? Wifi network is ok and both devices are on the same network. The frequency is also the same. An android tablet running Zwift and an Android mobile running Companion. The application has already been updated on both devices, even a complete reinstallation. Nothing has been changed on the router. Hasn’t worked for a few days? What could be the cause?

Additional question; if you only choose “just watch” in Zwift, do you also connect to the companion app? Or does the companion app only go into “Game” when you actually start riding?

It goes into game as soon as you enter Zwift…even if you are only in startup screen.

Thanks, I’ve never paid attention to that before since there were never any problems. In the meantime I’ve checked just about everything possible. Also the rights of the applications. Nothing abnormal to be found anywhere. It should work perfectly. Even tested with a third device that acted as a mobile hotspot instead of my local network. Also zero? Anyone have an idea?

Try rebooting your router.

I was able to solve the problem, but it is not clear to me what exactly went wrong. Both devices (tablet and mobile) have both Zwift and the Companion app. In other words, you can run Zwift on the tablet and use the Companion with the mobile to operate or vice versa. I have updated the apps on both devices (so 4x app) The tablet showed a multi user on the home screen. I added an existing user (entered myself again) and rebooted the router and now everything works again? I just don’t know if the cross-over updates or the multi-user or the router (I doubt since it didn’t work on mobile hotspot) was the cause?

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Thanks for your help guys. Appreciate it :+1:

I have the same experience and what worked for me was putting the phone in flight mode with only WiFi on (same network as game). After a few seconds the game appears on the companion app successfully. Perhaps there is a setting on some phones that the mobile signal (eg 5g) takes over if it detects it as stronger than the WiFi signal.

You don’t need to go to flight mode you can just turn OFF mobile data. But be sure that you don’t run Zwift in background on 1 device and trying to Zwift on another.

If it happens again then I have a few additional options to try to fix the problem. Thanks.