Companion app sometimes doesn't detect/show session

Sometimes when I am doing a Zwift session (on Android tablet), the Companion app on my phone does not show the session (no “game” item in the menu either.) Restarting the app or toggling wifi on/off did not work.

I feel there should be an option to manually open the Zwift session (feature request!), because I cannot operate the tablet while I am on the bike, so not being able to use the Companion app is annoying.

Is there any other way to get the session in the app?

Hi @Sander_Verbrugge, welcome to the forums!

This is usually due to a poor wifi connection or something similar. The devices running the companion app and the game need to be on the same network for them to “talk” to each other. Do you use any wifi extenders or other mesh networks where your setup is located? I’ve heard these can cause issues with the companion app not connecting too.

Some phones will also switch over to cellular data if the wifi signal is weak, you could try turning this setting off (wifi assist is what it is usually called). That might help as well.

Thanks for the quick reply, @Mike_Rowe1!

I’ve indeed got a mesh network, and the tablet very occasionally shows it’s disconnected, although the wifi signal is still decent enough.

Still, something manual would be nice.

A Zwift support staff person posted this for help with a mesh network, give it a try.