Zwift Companion app [April 06, 2024] [iOs, v. 3.55.1]

Today Zwift companien was not working. Did a ride with Valhalla at 06:00 Was a slice one

If the Companion app runs but doesn’t connect to the game, that is nearly always a problem with your local network. I’d start by rebooting all of your network equipment and devices. Make sure the device running the game and the device running Companion are using the same WiFi network. Disable cellular data on the device running Companion to rule out any situation where it switches to cellular connectivity.

hi @Rob_Krenn, welcome to forums. I’m Juan from Zwift. thanks for using this space to share your issue here with our community.

In addition to what Paul has already recommended, I’d like to share with you this article to rule out possible causes.

If you need assistance with a more specific issue, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than glad to help.

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I’ve noticed recently that if the companion app is started before Zwift, it connects reliably with the pairing screen first. But on most occasions, I only see half a screen when the ride starts. If I immediately close and reopen, it’s fine with no further issues to the end of the session. Screenshots attached. Is it a network issue my end? I’ve never had it before, and nothing has changed in my setup. I have also restarted all my network infrastructure to check. Zwift is running on a wired pc, the companion app on Android using the same WiFi network very close to the access point. Thoughts?