Companion app on the fritz?

It’s been a couple of weeks since I was on last and it worked then but this time the companion app wouldn’t sync with Zwift

I always have had the app going first prior to running Zwift and have never had an issue until now… Usually after picking a ride (pacer group in this case) it will go straight into the map … Not this time. Didn’t have the ‘game’ option in the menu either

Just updated Zwift yesterday knowing I’d ride today and tried uninstalling and reinstalling the companion app (and having to sign in again) but nothing changed

Any thoughts?

Might be a one off for you as there’s no widespread reporting of this.
There the odd issue of the companion app reporting network error but that’s separate to your problem.

Always worth rebooting your router in instances like this. After which make sure both the Zwift app and companion app are then on the same WiFi network.

Ride On!

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A reboot of the router always seems to fix this snag.

Happens to me around once evey 10 rides or so.

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Something up with CA on (my) Android.

You can press the icon to trigger coffee stop or teleport, but when a confirmation box should then pop up in CA … it doesn’t. Only in Zwift itself.

I’ll try again after a reinstall and see if that clears it.

Ok, I’ll give rebooting the router a try today

Thanks for the advice

Hello everyone. Welcome to the forums. I’m glad to see that you support each other. It’s Juan from Zwift. I comprehend how essential it is for you to get the Zwift Companion App up and working with Zwift.

I’d like to share a pieces of advice.

  1. Same Network: As some of you suggested. Your phone running Companion must be on the same local network as the Zwift device which usually means both devices are on the same WiFi. Depending on your network setup you may have a hardwired connection to your Zwift device and a WiFi connection on your phone.

  2. Firewalls/VPN/Proxy: You may need to open some firewall ports or make other exceptions so Zwift can function correctly.

Some Zwifters have settings where their WiFi signal is weak, which can ruin your actual Zwift session and/or your supplemental connection to Zwift. Some members have successfully tested their phone’s cellular signal as a personal hotspot, running their Zwift session over that connection to rule out or confirm that the problem is with their network.

Here you have our support article to learn more about issues with Zwift Companion.

If the issue persists, do not hesitate to contact our support colleagues to give you personalized assistance for each case.