Can’t give ride on in game

Could anyone help please? I am using an ipad as my main screen and am unable to give any ride on’s. When I click a riders name nothing happens?
Same issue with the companion app (using iPhone), which mostly does not even go into riding mode.
Both are on the same Wi-Fi network channel. Any help much appreciated

With regard to the Companion app, you might try turning off the WiFi assist. If your WiFi signal isn’t super strong where you Zwift your phone might be switching between WiFi and cellular, which would keep the Companion app from connecting properly.

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Thanks Nigel, I have just turned off Wi-Fi assist and will give it a try next ride :+1:

If that doesn’t solve it: Do you have a mesh network? I think people have had issues with those, also (especially when using Sky hardware, if I recall correctly).

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Hi Nigel.
Regarding to the issue with rideons.
I have before the updates no problems when I used the companion app , it started automatically in game mode and no problems with group ride ons. But after the new update i tried both android and iPhone at the same time , but the game mode does not start? Is there an solution for that or are the game mode removed?:slightly_smiling_face:.

Best regards Cem Tasli.

Thank you for your help Nigel. I’ve switched off Wi-Fi assist on both the iPad and iPhone and ensured they are both on the same Wi-Fi channel (dual band hub). Tried tonight and the companion app works. Much appreciated!