Ride On Glitch?

For the second time in less than a month, while doing a ride I am not receiving any Ride Ons from either any others hundreds of Zwifters I follow nor from the Zwifters near me that I give them to. This is highly unusual which is why I question and report this.

Hope this can be checked/confirmed.

Thank you.


What is your setup? Apple TV, by any chance? And do you use the companion app?

iPhone 7 connected via hdmi cable to regular tv.

Companion app running on a separate iPhone 7

In that case, I would suggest to be sure you force quit both apps before you start each ride. That seems to do the trick for me.

Thank you. I generally do but will be more vigilant at doing it.

Not sure if this is the same issue, but I’ve noticed something similar. I go to select a workout, but it doesn’t take, or I legitimately didn’t select a workout thinking I did, go into the ride, realize I’m not in workout mode (so I leave my ride quickly to get back to the route and workout selection screen), Once I’m back to riding in workout mode, I’ll not see any ride on’s in game. I do seem to be able to give them, and once my ride is over, i will see i was indeed receiving ride on’s. Strange.