Ride ons notification

Hello all, on the last couple of rides I’ve noticed I’m not getting any notification of any ride ons although they are on the companion app when I finish the ride . There are no issues giving them to other riders and I’ve never had any issues before any advice would be welcomed

What is your set up? Most times this issue seems to be resolved by force-quitting both the Zwift app and the Zwift Companion app after each use.


Hi, I’m running a neo2t with Apple TV and I’ve got the companion app on an iPhone

Same setup as me. I always force-close the ATV app after each ride, and force-close the Companion app before starting a ride. Seems to solve the issue.

Ok cheers for that I’ll give it a go :+1:

I submitted a ticket to Support re this same problem with the Windows 10 app and was told the engineers are working on a solution. No time frame to fix or confirmation of the exact problem though

Force closed zwift and the companion app started up again and everything seems to work now so fingers crossed