Ride On's not appearing in ride

Have noticed a number of times recently that Ride On’s given to me do not appear on the screen. The ride summary at the end of the ride says 0 Ride Ons, but the Companion App shows a number of them when i look at it afterwards

I run Zwift on Windows 10 via Ant+, with TrainerRoad also running and controlling the trainer using Bluetooth.

Anyone struck the same problem and got a fix?

I was told if you have your companion app on the same time as you start cycling this can happen I was told it was a bug it also done this with me, I now start riding then put my companion app on after i get a couple of ride ons since then all has been good, hope this helps
Barry T


Thanks Barry, i’ll see if that makes a difference. Sometimes i open it before, sometimes after

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Didn’t fix it - the first one or two came through, but then they stopped. I wonder if it is because i flick around between apps on my phone when riding