No RIDE ON on screen while Zwifting

Today I rode with the Danish social group ride. My neighbors were constantly getting Ride On, but I did not get a single ride on, my back pockets did not fill up. When the group ride was over I went to the Companion app and saw that I had received 40 Ride Ons that were not displayed on the screen during the Grumpy ride. Please correct the mistake!

You may just need to ‘force quit’ the ZC app before starting your rides. I have no idea why, but this seems to correct the issue. And if you’re usIng any sort of app to run Zwift (as opposed to PC/Mac) you should force quit that before starting also.

I started Zwift on Windows in an New Session After warm up. and so i started the Companion App for a new Session.

Thank you for this information, before Zwifting i should start ZC and PC Again. Zwift Support, solv this bug !