No followers on ZC home screen [Jan 2024]

On my homescreen it says that there are no followers active but when I click on it they are riding!

Came here to check if this had been reported yet. I’m seeing odd behaviours in the companion app. I’m not riding but it out of nowhere switched to the nearby screen… then after tapping home it showed no one was riding… then it showed someone was riding later but tapping on their name took me to a page where it said no one was riding.

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I have the same problem!

I’ve been seeing this too, and a refresh of the Who’s Riding screen then seems to fix it.

This also affects the mass Ride On button on the CA home screen. Most of the time it fails to actually give the Ride Ons. When it succeeds you get the message “Successfully gave a Ride On to X Zwifters” but when it fails there is no message. When you click through you can see the people there and give them each a Ride On manually.

Appears that the latest update is causing more trouble, for me with in game (race/group) messages.
Hope Zwift will come with new update to solve it.

Hi all - thanks for the many reports.

Our server team fixed this issue and Companion should be working as expected now. Please let us know if it’s not.


Still playing up on my android phone .

Its on and off with me :sleepy:

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Same here, not solved @shuji

It’s not fixed

@_VLAD_The_Impailer @Jack_Poirrie_1955 @Andreas_Wilke @Paul_Southworth

Please try force-closing (not just backgrounding) the Companion app, and re-open it. That might be required for it to re-connect to the server correctly.

Had the same problem the last two days, its working now, thank you!

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Yep, that seems to have worked . Thanks v much .:grin:

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Yep, working now.