Followed member ride on's are wonky, etc

In companion: Clicking on the balloon for riders I follow, and for some it was showing the ride on as given, yet when I clicked on the three dots and back, the ride on wasn’t given. So I clicked the thumb, and all was good, but on other followed riders I got the screen as if they weren’t riding, and sometimes it would change again if I clicked off them and back on so I could bestow a Ride On.

And the leaderboard was zipping around a bit again too.

Was/is there a Companion update? I checked before riding and it was only the iOS Zwift app that looked to be updated.

Also followed riders would often show up on the small window map in the upper right, but not show on the actual main map.

Is this just happening to me? I’ll try the ‘delete/reinstall’ dance…

Try disabling video screenshots if you haven’t done that already.

It actually started acting normally a week or so ago. Just like magic, but I think it could have to do with their system maintenance. I keep half expecting it to happen again, but it seems to have sorted by itself.