"ride on" on Zwift on a PC


Using a PC, clicking near the bottom of the screen it brings up options like message, screenshot, and ride on. If I press this ride on button, I don’t think anything happens, is that correct? If I press the bottom of the screen ride on and there is only one person near me, when I click on their name on the right hand side, it still gives the option to give them a ride on.

Can you please tell me what the bottom of the screen ride does, if anything?

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It just plays the sound to you and people nearby. Same on every platform, not just PC.


The only way to give a thumb (ride on) from a PC is to click the riders name on the right hand riders nearby board and then an orange box with a thumb will display next to their name in that box click it. Or use the companion app by clicking the arrow with a circle around it (in free rides/workouts, but not available for group rides/events).

In events the only way to give out ride ons is individually.

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Ok, thank you for the info, it’s a bit cumbersome trying to ride a bike and move the pointer around the screen! Just clicking the bottom of the screen, then clicking the same place again to give a ride on (or two or five) to those around you would be more beneficial.

Do you use the companion app? That might make things easier.

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I have issues with Zwift crashing a lot, and one thing I was told to do was not log into 2 devices at once, so I try not to use Companion.

Lost about 7 rides in 3 weeks. I have reset wifi router, uninstalled & reinstalled graphics drivers, used a wired connection, tried a different device. Tried once with all ant+ today and it worked, before it was bluetooth for trainer, and ant+ for heart rate monitor.

Did you try to recover your lost rides? There’s a procedure for that.

I don’t think that using Zwift Companion app counts as 2 logins - it’s more like the companion is interfacing with the logged in, trainer controlling/reading, session.

Hi Ales, that’s part of the problem, I don’t think Zwift themselves know, and they’re just clutching at straws saying don’t have 2 devices open, use a wired connection, don’t use bluetooth, don’t use ant+, reinstall graphics drivers…