Giving Ride On from Computer

Can Ride Ons be given from a PC? I lost my cell phone with the Companion App but would like to give Ride Ons to my fellow riders.

I only know of two methods (there could be more of course!)

  • click on the name of the rider in the list of riders on the right side of the screen
  • you will start to ‘follow’ them
  • you will see the RideOn Thumb beside their name
  • click that to give RideOn

Or: When riders near you do something special (new PR, finish a workout) a RideOn Thumb will appear beside their name (temporarily!) Click that to give a RideOn

i use a PC with wireless keyboard, and i never make it in time to “return the rideon”. i always feel bad about it, and sometimes i can’t find the person to return it after it’s gone!

definitely wish there was just key-press or quicker to get to button.

I use an iPad connected to my TV and can only give a ride on from the companion app. I have tried clicking on names from the iPad screen and nothing happens. That is very frustrating as my cell was dead so couldn’t use it today and Sadly could not return any ride ons. If someone knows of a way to give ride ons from an iPad running Zwift, I’d love to know it.

I do agree It will be nice to have more options on PC to give ride-on’s.

Does F3 do it?

That just plays the audio.

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