Giving RideOn in iPad main Zwift app

I know this has been asked before, but I’ve not seen a resolution so hoping someone can help. How do I give RideOns while I’m riding on the main Zwift app (NOT the companion app) on the iPad (possibly on other platforms too)?

I don’t use the iPad but on windows you click on the rider name on the rider list in the right of the screen you will see an orange thumb when you click that the rider will get a ride on. I assume it is the same on iPad.

I use an iPad too, and Gerrie’s correct. When riding, if you press one of the names in the list to the right, you’ll see a little Thumbs Up next to the name. Press that, and you’ve given the Ride On.

That said, this doesn’t seem to work in Workout Mode. Clicking the names doesn’t do anything. But if you are doing a free ride, group ride, or race, that should work for you.


Thanks for confirming Andrew. Yes, Ride ons is disabled in workout mode in the Zwift app.

And thank you for confirming Gerrie. I assumed that was the case. Any idea why that’s disabled in a workout? I like being able to folks, even when I’m in workout mode.

No idea why, I can only guess they want us to focus on the workout and not give ride ons, like dont text and drive… LOL

You can give ride ons using the companion app by clicking on the white circle on the map during a workout.

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Yeah, I’ve done that though the companion app. But then I’ve got to dig my phone out of my jersey pocket to do it. So much easier when I can do it right from the iPad resting on my aerobars. Barely have to take my hands off the wheel for that text and drive.

Interestingly, ever since I did give a Ride On through the Companion App, how I receive (or don’t) Ride Ons in-game has changed. I don’t see them anymore, until after my ride is done, and I look in the Comp App. I used to see them in-game, and see them in my virtual pockets. But no more. I doubt it’s related to using the Comp App to give a ride on in a workout, just a coincidence that the two happened at the same time.

That would explain things then! I’m doing the PRL 100 training plan at the moment and had tried clicking riders names but nothing came up. That’s a shame!

I agree we need a button on screen to give multiple ride ons, the only reason I use the companion app is to give ride ons, and that seem like a overkill, when I have a functioning KB right in front of me.