Need additional screen Ride On functionality lacking in iPad

So here is a little beef I have when working out on Zwift, using my iPad – to which Zwift tells me, “I’m sorry, but there’s no easy way to give back a Ride On. However, I’ve passed it on to the dev team, but we also encourage you to share your thoughts on our Community forums at”

REALLY? So please weigh in…

My original question to Zwift…
I am using an iPad Air while riding Zwift - I do not use my iPhone or a computer. On the iPad, when you receive a Ride On which shows up on the top of the screen, how do you give a ride on back to that person, while you are riding, when you don’t easily see their name in the list of riders nearby to the right of the screen from which to do so??? What – try to scroll up or down through hundreds of riders? Can you do this while you are riding; versus having to do so after you quite your ride and see the list of the people who gave you Ride Ons? Why not just be able to tap on the information bar at the top (which you can’t do now) and give that rider a Ride On? (Which you can’t do presently - wouldn’t that be an easy fix???)

Is this iPad specific? I thought it’s the same for every platform.

Nope - just Zwift (not the Zwift Companion App) running on iPad Air, software version for iPad is 12.3.1, and my Zwift software (version 1.0.41009) is up to date as I always upgrade apps when they become available.
This is just a functionality that was never developed as presumed by Zwift Support as noted by their reply to my inquiry. I’m guessing not too many people use iPads, or like myself, have to give a Ride On after finishing workout to the Zwifters who gave you a Ride On before you save the workout.

Hmm, I didn’t realize you could do it for other platforms, maybe it’s not obvious that I could tap and return a Ride On.

I do know that one feature that’s missing on the iPad is that you can’t see the names of riders behind you.

Yup - I like to return Ride On’s when I get them, but if I can’t readily see their name on nearby Zwifters list, I have to wait until I end my workout to do it. Frustrating and some rude to me…

This is not specific to iPad. I think it’s the same for all non-computer platforms. I know I have the same issue on Apple TV and iPhone. If you use the companion app in tandem, though, you can at least give ride-ons to the folks around you from the map screen.

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I used to use them in tandem, and had issues. That was about a year ago, and Zwift support, at the time told me to use one or the other. Sounds like they have since solved whatever issues they may have been experiencing. I use Amazon Music on the iPhone and don’t bother anymore. Thanks for the update…