Ride - On's

You need to add the ability to give a ride on when working out. That’s when its the most important. Either giving someone encouragement when struggling or when they are doing well. Or when they help you

Please add this to the fix list

I requested the same improvement/fix a few weeks ago. This missing feature is one of my biggest (really my only) peeve with Zwift. I do all my Zwifting on an iPad and to be able to just tap a rider from the rider/runner list on the right, get the ride-on icon next to the name, then tap that icon to give ride-on is very intuitive. However, this only works when doing free rides or group rides. When you are in workout mode it is missing.

Since most of my riding is in workout mode I find it incredibly frustrating to not be able to return a ride-on when I have been riding along with other riders.

Previously I was recommended to use the companion app but I already have a touch interface and all information I need on the iPad. I think the inconsistency in the user interface/experience is an oversight and hope it can be added to future releases.