Kudos in workout mode

I would like to be able to give other riders a thumbs up while I am doing a workout. I am on an iPad and when I am just doing a regular ride or a group ride, I can tap a rider’s name from the riders list. I will start to view that rider and a ‘thumbs up’ icon also pops up next to their name which I can select.

When you are having a good workout and end up riding with a small group of other riders, it would be nice to easily give them a thumbs up when they are giving me a thumbs up.


I think you should be still able to give Ride Ons using the Zwift Mobile Link while in workout mode.

Ah, ok. I do not use the Mobile Link app…

Is the Ride On button shut off during work out mode?

If it is, that is why I can’t give thumbs up.

I almost always ride in work out mode.

At the end of the ride , if I need a few more miles for some reason, I will do a free ride.

that might be why I could only occasionally give a Ride On.

Option to select users (without “fan view”) to send ride-ons would be nice. Selection one-a-time is useless (or impossible in workouts). If there were some nice keybindings it would be superb!