Ride on during workout mode

(Tom Gleeson) #1

Hi there,

How do I give “Ride Ons” during workout mode? I see lots of them popping up around me, but I cannot find the Ride On button on any of the companion app screens. Very frustrating…

Also, on a Mac, is there a keyboard shortcut for giving Ride Ons?


(Gerrie Delport) #2

Sadly you can’t give ride on’s during a workout. :frowning:

Please Zwift let us give ride on’s during a workout please. We will still train hard but in recovery we would like to say good job and ride on to the guys and girls around us.

(Jeremy Hobbs) #3

I give ride ons all the time in workout mode using the companion app.

(Chris Holton) #4

yeah you can - you can click on the little pop up icon when it appears or use the mobile link

(Tom Gleeson) #5

How do you do it?

(Tom Gleeson) #6

What pop up icon? On the computer screen?

What mobile link are you talking about? Where about on the companion app during a workout do you see an option for giving Ride Ons?

(Jeremy Hobbs) #7

Open the companion app, go to ‘game’ - > ‘zwifters near me’, then tap a name and hit the ride on button

(Gerrie Delport) #8

That is not really the same as just clicking on the screen next to the persons name or on the circle on the map.

It is really hard to give ride on’s in workout mode.

(Jeremy Hobbs) #9

I agree it’s not the same. Nonetheless I explained how I do it with the companion app which is what you asked me to do. Thanks.

(Chris Holton) #10

when someone gives you a ride on a little icon appears by their name, it also happens when they do something good (finish a workout, beat a 30 day record etc).

sorry - I meant the companion app - Jeremy has explained below :grinning: